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Motor Insurance

1. What should I do if I am involved in an accident?
Please call our Progressive Assistance service at 7777 2099 in all cases. Our experienced team will guide you through all the necessary procedures.

2. What is the difference between Progressive Road Assistance and Accident Assistance?
Progressive Road Assistance is used for vehicle breakdown or malfunction.  

Progressive Accident Assistance is used in the event of an accident.

3. What should I do to renew the insurance policy?
We will renew your insurance policy after contacting you and obtaining your approval.

4. What should I do if I change my vehicle?
Just inform us and return the Certificate of Insurance which covers the previous vehicle and get a new Certificate of Insurance covering the new vehicle. You can let us know either by telephone 22758585 or email at


5. What if I sell my vehicle?
Please let us know, either by telephone 22758585 or email at and return the Certificate of Insurance. You can terminate the insurance policy and proceed with the cancellation or let us know the new vehicle that you wish to insure.  


House Insurance

1. What should I do when renewing my contract?
We will renew your insurance policy after contacting you and obtaining your approval. It is a good time to review if you have any changes or modifications or new additions to your home either on the building or to the contents of your home.

2. At what value am I compensated for damage?
The value with which you will be reimbursed depends on the value you choose to be insured:

  1. If you choose to insure in value of new for old, you will be compensated in value for new.
  2. If you have chosen to insure current value, you will be compensated the actual value.


3. If I buy or have new valuable items at home should I inform Progressive Insurance?
Yes, if you want to include these items in your home insurance you must inform us.

4. Can I only insure the contents of my home regardless of the building?
Yes, you can insure just the contents, just the building, or both.

5. The value of my property is calculated by me or you?
You determine the amount for which you want to insure your property. However it should be realistic and exclude the value of the land.


6. Does the amount I insure my property have to do with the loan I got from the bank?
The insured amount is determined by the value of your property not the amount of the loan that you might have. It is good practice to insure your property at the true value and not the amount of the loan.

7. Can Communal and ancillary areas (elevators, warehouses, garages) be insured?
Communal and ancillary areas (elevators, warehouses, garages) can be insured.

  1. In the case of a house, auxiliary spaces can be insured when reported specifically in the proposal form.
  2. In the case of an apartment, the proportion thereof in public places should be reported separately in order for the additional insured capital to be defined. The auxiliary spaces can be insured when mentioned in detail in the proposal for insurance and their value is set.
  3. All communal areas of a building can be secured with a separate application for insurance by the Management Committee.

8. Can solar heaters and satellite dishes be included in house insurance?
Yes, it is optional to insure solar heaters, antennas and compressors for air conditioning.

9. How can I be sure that the damage will be compensated for the full amount?
It is very important to insure either the building or contents and everything else to current realistic values.

When you insure the realistic value of your property, then in case of damage, you will be compensated with the realistic value.

Employers Liability Insurance

1. In the event that my housekeeper or someone from my staff has been replaced with someone else should I inform Progressive Insurance?
No, you do not need to inform us if the the number of staff remains the same and their job description remains the same. The insurance covers the number of staff you have in your employment.
2. When I have staff working 8-10 hours a week, am I obliged to have the Employer's Liability Insurance under the Law?
Definitely. Under the Employers' Liability Act of 1989 (174/1989) it is mandatory to insure for Employers Liability when you employ individuals to work for you for more than eight hours a week. You can find all the relevant information in the legislation.

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