Terms and Conditions

The driver or any other person that is driving the car must have a valid driving license the last two years and holds an appropriate driving license for the specific type of vehicle insured.
The driver or any other person that is driving the vehicle insured must have a valid driving license. In case your driver license has been revoked /restricted or cancelled please inform the Insurance Company.
The vehicle insured must be in a good or operational condition.
The Insurance Company must be informed for any alternations that have been made on the vehicle insured.
In case the vehicle insured might be rented the Insurance Company must be informed.
If the vehicle transports any goods, the good must be for private use only.
a)In case of ownership transfer or agreement of ownership transfer, the insurance contract is void.
b)It is illegal to carry passengers above the approved carrying capacity of the insured vehicle. If such passengers are carried then you will be personally responsible for any injuries.
c) If the insured vehicle is driven by a non-authorized driver or a driver under the influence of alcohol/medicine/drugs, you will be responsible for any claim(s).

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